What Our Patients Have To Say...

Wonderful place to work- I feel valued and respected, and I know my team members feel the same way. We all have the same drive to care for our patients to the best of our ability, and feeling valued plays into that. So happy to be a part of this team!

Devin Rogers

Excellent resource for college students. Thankful someone could finally provide treatment, as it is so needed. College students need more support for their mental health, and Advaita Integrated Medicine is stepping up to the plate!

Kayla Solesby

So happy to see a medical practice like this opening in the Raleigh area! Much needed. Integrated care needs to become the new norm in healthcare.

Denise Carpenter

My daughter works for Advaita Integrated Medicine, and seeing what they are doing… wow! I wish I lived in Raleigh so I could be a patient. Their model of integrated care is phenomenal and needs to become the new norm for healthcare. Not to mention, they take the time to carefully select employees who are truly passionate for their work, which shows through in their care for patients. All around amazing organization.

Stephanie Rogers

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