Clinical Therapist

Life presents difficulties that can cause us to stumble. At times, we may face significant changes that can snowball and overwhelm us – such as significant loss (of job or a loved one) and a difficult (hurtful) relationship or family situation. These challenges often trigger feelings of hopelessness or anger, or a sense of low self-esteem or insecurity, or intense grief from loss. Some of us, also, may experience clinical symptoms – depressionanxiety, personality traits or chronic medical conditions.

How we cope with life’s challenges and our emotions can determine if we find a sense of balance. Your emotional wellbeing is critical to your overall health and happiness.

Work with me to identify your best strategies to overcome obstacles blocking your balance and joy. I help clients move through challenging circumstances, by providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their desired positive change, and to discover a sense of confidence, inner-peace, and fulfillment. Allow me to help you develop better ways to handle the issues that inhibit you achieving your goals.

Professionally, I have worked at an addiction treatment clinic and a community mental health clinic. My therapeutic approach focuses on a person/client-centered approach that involves mindfulness-based strategies, value identification, boundaries exploration, and emotion-focused therapy to help my clients achieve their desired positive life changes. My approaches are informed by CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, and trauma-informed modalities. We would start by identifying what you most need and where you want to go. My role is to help you achieve those goals and make the changes that you desire by using new skills and resources to move forward towards these changes. I use a collaborative approach to create an individualized holistic, treatment plan that may draw from Eastern and Western techniques, per your preference. I look forward to helping patients through telehealth, and in-person at our locations in Cary, North Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Let’s figure out together how to best make the positive life changes you desire!