Julie A Romeis, DMSc, PA-C

Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine PA

Julie A Romeis, DMSc, PA-C is a doctorate-level PA with a passion for mental health and education. She grew up across 3 states but made NC her home after college. She received her BA in Biology and Psychology from the University at Buffalo, her Masters of PA Medicine, and her Doctor of Medical Science from the University of Lynchburg. She currently precepts PA students from multiple universities and offers a shadowing program for pre-PA students.

Her career in healthcare started with small animal veterinary medicine where she was exposed to all types of medical care and the way health care impacted the entire family. After she made the switch to human medicine, she spent 3 years in geriatrics which highlighted the link between psychiatry, family relationships, and health. This led to her attending PA school where she had the experience of three different international medical service trips. A chance rotation in behavioral health sparked her interest in psychiatry which led her to a career in mental health. How mental health influences substance abuse issues, family dynamics and the link between physical health and mental health became her passion.

After PA school, Julie pursued her Doctor of Medical Science degree with a fellowship in mental health and addiction medicine. Her own family history, genetics, and dysfunctional dynamics helped her to be empathetic to her patients’ plights as they navigated the complex path from traumatic childhood to functional adulthood. From ADD to gaslighting to alcohol use disorder, she brings personal experience and compassion to her care of patients.

Julie left a Masters of nutrition program when she got into PA school but knew that nutrition is the cornerstone of health. She pursued a program to certify her to teach yoga where she learned the ancient nutritional system of Ayurveda. Recent advances that show how blood sugar, insulin resistance, and mood are tied are fascinating and will guide the next round of psychiatric medications. It is her belief that taking a holistic approach to mental health is the future of psychiatry.


University of Lynchburg (Lynchburg, VA) — Doctorate of Medical Science, PA Medicine

University of Lynchburg (Lynchburg, VA) — Master of Physician Assistant Medicine, PA Medicine

University at Buffalo (Buffalo, NY) — Bachelor’s of Science Degree, Biology & Psychology