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When someone decides that they are ready to seek help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol, they may be surprised to find out just how many different treatment programs are available to them. One such option is outpatient rehab, which gives clients a greater level of flexibility in balancing their normal obligations and their addiction treatment. At Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine, our outpatient rehab in Raleigh, NC is available to anyone seeking this level of care.

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is often used as a step-down for people who have completed inpatient treatment. Most who attend outpatient treatment aren’t quite ready to handle daily life on their own. It can also be used by people who haven’t been to treatment yet. If your addiction is mild to moderate, and you have a strong support system at home, it can be a very effective option. It also allows clients to still take care of their family, and go to work or school, while getting the treatment that they need to stop their substance abuse.

During the course of your outpatient rehab in Raleigh, NC, you will have access to mental health services, medical care, medication management, and more. Each client has the flexibility to choose which services they take advantage of. They can receive addiction treatment while having the independence to still live at home. With this level of independence, however, comes a higher level of responsibility. You will be required to attend all of your scheduled treatments. This makes outpatient rehab appropriate only for people who are fully committed to stopping their substance abuse.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment Options in Raleigh, NC

The key to finding success in any addiction treatment program is being enrolled in the right treatments. This is in order to treat your individual symptoms and needs. Outpatient rehab in Raleigh, NC provides all of the same treatment options as inpatient programs, in a more relaxed setting. While each client gets an individualized treatment plan, yours may include any of the following:

Medication Assisted Therapy

MAT utilizes medications to help treat certain addictions by reducing cravings or making you have unpleasant side effects after using drugs or alcohol.

Individual Therapy

Helps you to unpack the reasons behind your addiction, as well as address any mental health issues that you may be experiencing.

Group Therapy

Gives you the opportunity to build a community of people who understand what you are going through, and will support you during your recovery.

Life Skills

Classes are aimed at helping you learn new skills that will help you to live a normal life outside of recovery.

Support Services

Help you to juggle both your daily life and treatment with transportation, mentoring, help to enroll in educational programs, or job hunting.

Medication Management

Ensures that your medications do not have interactions, are not causing unreasonable side effects, and are at the most effective dose.

Types of Outpatient Rehab

Depending on your individual needs, you will be able to choose from two different outpatient programs. The first is an intensive outpatient program or IOP. This program offers both mental health care and medical care and requires 9 to 20 hours of treatment per week. The second is a standard outpatient program or OP. This program focuses more on therapy rather than medical care. Outpatient programs typically require 9 or fewer hours of treatment per week.

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Last?

Much like any other addiction treatment program, outpatient rehab does not have a set amount of time that it lasts. What’s important is ensuring that each client is in treatment for as long as necessary to help make sobriety easier for them. In addition, the goal is to make it less likely that they will relapse. For most people, this means staying in treatment for at least 3 months; for others, they may continue with the program for upwards of a year. We always recommend that our clients try not to focus on the length of the program. Instead, we encourage them to focus on following through with their treatment until they feel ready to end it.

Outpatient Rehab in Raleigh, NC

Advaita Integrated Medicine is proud to offer a fully comprehensive outpatient rehab in Raleigh, NC for any client who needs our help. Our staff of addiction treatment professionals is here to help you design the most effective addiction treatment program possible for your individual symptoms and needs. Whether you’re stepping down from an inpatient program or enrolling in treatment for the first time, we can get you the help that you need to be successful in sobriety. Contact us today to learn more about our outpatient rehab in Raleigh, and learn how to thrive in your new, substance-free life.

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