Shiela Ferry, Patient Care Coordinator at Advaita Integrated Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Shiela Ferry

Patient Care Coordinator

Shiela Ferry is a dedicated healthcare professional and brings a wealth of experience to the Advaita Collective, having spent over 25 years in various roles within medical offices. Most recently, she served as a referral coordinator for a bustling primary care office in Raleigh, demonstrating her deep commitment to patient care.

She is enthusiastic about her role at the Advaita Collective and looks forward to collaborating closely with her colleagues. Her primary goals are to ensure that patients receive personalized attention, striving to make their experience as smooth as possible, address their questions, and enhance their satisfaction with our services.

One notable achievement in her career includes overseeing the launch of an urgent care facility in conjunction with a local primary care office in Johnston County.

Recognizing the potential anxieties patients may have when visiting a healthcare provider, her aim is to provide reassurance, answer questions, and assist with any concerns, whether related to scheduling appointments or understanding insurance coverage. She views working in a medical office as a collaborative effort, where each team member plays a unique role in delivering quality care.