We all have days where concentrating on work, school, or everyday tasks doesn’t come as easily, whether it’s because you’re stressed, tired, or just uninspired. These feelings can make it feel impossible to get anything marked off of your to-do list. But if you feel like having difficulty concentrating is something you deal with every single day, there is a chance that the issue runs deeper than simply having an off day.

If you have daily struggles with completing tasks, even when they are required for work or school, then you might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. While you may think that ADHD is a childhood disorder that people grow out of, the fact is that people of all ages struggle with their symptoms and the impact they have on their daily lives. That is why Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine offers ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NC to people of all ages, whether they have an existing diagnosis or would like to be tested for this condition.

The Signs & Symptoms of ADHD

Much like any other mental health disorder, ADHD has a few different signs and symptoms. If you aren’t sure if you or a loved one is dealing with this condition, there are some questions you can ask yourself, such as:

  • Do you have a hard time sitting still for more than a few minutes?
  • Are you easily distracted by sounds, movements, etc?
  • Do you find it difficult to keep your thoughts on track?
  • Is it difficult for you to focus in class or during work meetings/conferences?
  • Do you find yourself frequently daydreaming?
  • Do you have trouble comprehending when you read something?
  • Is your workspace or home messy/cluttered due to unfinished chores or projects?
  • Do people complain that you frequently interrupt them?
  • Do you have trouble meeting deadlines for work or school?

How Can ADHD Impact Someone’s Life?

The hallmark issue for people with ADHD is the difficulty that they have concentrating and staying on task. This can make it more difficult for them to be successful at school. Poor grades can become more common which affects a person’s ability to go to college. ADHD can also have an impact on someone’s work performance. Individuals may miss deadlines or submit incomplete work because they didn’t remember their tasks correctly. This can make it more difficult to obtain and hold down a well-paying job.

Having ADHD doesn’t just mean being disorganized and having trouble concentrating on tasks. There are other areas of a person’s life that it can impact as well. The difficulties that ADHD creates in daily life can make sufferers more likely to experience depressionanxiety, mood swings, and sleeping disorders. All of these things can have a profound impact on someone’s quality of life.

Medication for ADHD

The good news for those with ADHD is that there are a few different treatment options available — all of which have been approved to treat this condition for many years. These medications fall under two categories: stimulants and non-stimulants.

Stimulants are the most common treatment for ADHD. These include medications made from amphetamines, methylphenidate, and their derivatives, like Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin.

Non-stimulants are a newer option for ADHD treatment. It is less effective than stimulants but presents a valuable option for people who do not tolerate stimulants well. It also helps those who don’t normally get the desired relief from their symptoms. In addition, it helps those with conditions that make taking stimulants dangerous.

Therapy for ADHD in Raleigh, NC

Another treatment option that has proven to be very valuable for those with ADHD is behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy helps people to reduce behaviors that cause problems in their daily lives. Our therapy in Raleigh, NC provides a more long-term solution to ADHD that doesn’t rely on daily medications. Through treatments like behavior modification, meditation, and focus exercises, a therapist can help ADHD sufferers of all ages manage their symptoms. Even on days when they choose not to take their medication.

ADHD Treatment in Raleigh, NC

It is important for adults to begin a treatment plan for ADHD, as proper medication and therapy can help you to perform better at work and avoid the mental health issues that can sometimes accompany this disorder.

You can trust our ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NC to address all of your concerns in a caring, considerate, and confidential environment. Our mental health professionals will guide you through every step of the process, including monitoring your medication dosage for effectiveness and potential side effects. Contact us today to learn more about how our ADHD treatment in NC can help improve your quality of life.