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What is Rehab? Finding local raleigh nC drug Rehab

What is Raleigh NC drug rehab? Rehab or rehabilitation is a treatment aimed at helping individuals overcome and recover from an illness. Regarding drug rehab, rehabilitation efforts are focused on assisting individuals to stop using drugs and build new patterns to maintain sobriety. Drug rehab also helps minimize and reduce the risk of fatal relapse in the future.1

Raleigh NC Drug Rehab

What Happens at a Raleigh NC Drug Rehab?

While Raleigh NC drug rehab programs look different depending on the facility, most drug rehabs follow a similar pattern for treatment. Upon arrival at a Raleigh NC Drug rehab, you will be evaluated by medical staff.
During your evaluation, you will be asked about your health history and your history of drug use. The medical team will create a treatment plan for your unique needs during this time. After the assessment, efforts will be made to ensure you are stable and comfortable. This includes prescribing medications to manage symptoms.2

Undergoing Treatment

Once you are in a place where you are stable, treatment can begin. Treatment looks different for everyone, and timelines can vary. Treatment includes individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, and skills training. For certain types of drug addiction, medication-assisted treatment is used as well. This type of treatment can help reduce withdrawal symptoms, remove cravings, and block the effects of illicit drugs.

How To Tell if Someone May Need Drug Rehab

Around 15.1 million Americans need drug rehab. It can be hard to identify if someone needs to go to drug rehab, as addiction can be hard to spot. Signs that you or a loved one would benefit from drug rehab include:3

  • Consuming and hiding drugs 
  • An increase in drug use or drug tolerance
  • Changes in mood and behavior
  • Blacking out or lapses in memory.
  • Changes in weight 
  • Withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop.
  • Having tried to stop before and been unsuccessful.

How Effective Are Raleigh NC Drug Rehabs?

Addiction is a very treatable disease if you get the right type of help. Rehab is an effective choice for addiction treatment. Rehab is only as effective as you allow it to be. Rehab can give you the tools to overcome addiction if you choose to fully make use of your experience.

How Long Are Drug Rehab Programs?

Timelines for recovery can vary greatly. The length of a drug rehab program depends on several things including the type of program and the individual. Treatment can last anywhere between a couple of weeks and a year. In general, longer treatment programs have better outcomes in terms of relapse prevention.4

Is Rehab Expensive? Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

While rehab has the potential to be costly, there are many low-income and low-cost options for treatment. Also, many insurance companies will completely cover drug rehab services. This also includes state insurance programs such as Medicaid.
It is important to reach out to rehabilitation centers and discuss insurance coverage, treatment plans, and payment opportunities to discuss which option is most in-line with you or a loved one’s budget.
Raleigh NC Drug Rehab

Myths and Rumors About Rehab

For many, the anxiety around seeking treatment concerns the myths and rumors surrounding rehab. Below are some of the most common myths about rehab and the truth about these myths.

It is important to know the truth surrounding recovery and destigmatize rehab.

You Aren't Able To Communicate With the Outside World During Rehab

While this may have been true, it is not the case now. Most rehab programs emphasize the importance of our relationships with others and family. Because of this, those in rehab are encouraged to communicate with their loved ones regularly. Many inpatient rehabs offer family days or regular family dinners to strengthen connections.

Rehab Always Requires an Inpatient Stay

Not all rehab programs require you to stay at a facility full-time – such as partial hospitalization programs (PHP). Rehab programs can vary significantly from facility to facility and based upon individual needs and circumstances.

In addition, many facilities offer different levels of treatment. Rehabilitation can happen in an inpatient/hospital setting, but many facilities also provide intensive outpatient treatment. Outpatient rehabilitation allows you to stay in your home for recovery while getting the support you need to recover.

If I Go to Rehab, I Will Lose My Job

Time away from work can be a significant reason many individuals who need rehab do not seek treatment. However, under the Americans with Disabilities Act – individuals cannot be fired for going to rehab and seeking treatment. Many outpatient rehab programs are flexible enough not to interfere with your work schedule.

I’ve Already Been to Rehab and Failed - There's No Point in Going Again

Often, recovery takes multiple attempts to build a foundation for sustainable sobriety. Many people leave rehab and return to a situation that triggers them to relapse. This is why it is important to never give up and be willing to try again.
Going back to rehab doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in recovery; it means that you need more support in your healing. Additionally, every rehab center is different, and it can take multiple attempts to find the one suitable for you.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Rehab Is Just Swapping One Addiction for Another

While medication-assisted treatment uses drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms, it is not the same as swapping one addiction for another. Medication-assisted treatment is safe and supervised by a physician. Additionally, this type of treatment doesn’t produce a high and blocks the effects of certain illicit drugs. Medication-assisted treatment can help you overcome your addiction, maintain a job, and eventually live a substance-free life.

Raleigh NC Drug Rehab at Advaita Integrated Medicine

If you or a loved one is looking for a Raleigh NC drug rehab, consider Advaita Integrated Medicine (Advaita Integrated Medicine). At Advaita Integrative Medicine, we offer custom treatment programs, including outpatient options. 

We specialize in therapy, psychiatric care, transcranial magnetic stimulation, medication-assisted treatment, and integrative wellness coaching for substance abuse treatment. Have more questions? Call us and contact our Raleigh NC drug rehab services today. We can help guide you through your recovery journey through effective personalized treatment plans.

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