If you are having mental health symptoms and are looking for help, you are probably not sure what the first step to take is, or what kind of treatment you need. The first choice for many people is a psychiatrist and for good reason. A psychiatrist is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of mental health conditions with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Some psychiatrists work with people that have general mental health conditions, whereas others may specialize in a specific area, such as addiction psychiatry. No matter what your concerns are, Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine is here to help you with our Raleigh psychiatry program.

What is Psychiatry?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, psychiatry is a “branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.” There are many different things that can lead a person to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Symptoms including depression, anxiety, delusions, hallucinations, and more can all be addressed appropriately by these mental health professionals

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors that specialize in the treatment of mental health disorders. This is what sets them apart from psychologists; psychologists rarely have the authority to write prescriptions, and instead focus on disciplines like talk therapy to treat mental health conditions. Psychiatrists focus more on the biology behind what causes mental health symptoms and use medication to correct these biological imbalances. 

How Can Psychiatry Help Mental Illness in Raleigh?

There are several different ways that psychiatry can help someone suffering from a mental illness. The first step in your treatment will be a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and concerns. This often includes things like blood tests and scans. These tests help your psychiatrists to identify the biological changes that your mental health condition has caused. Not only does this help with diagnosing your illness, but it also helps your provider to determine exactly what medication(s) is going to be most effective in alleviating your symptoms. You will also likely receive some type of therapy or counseling as a part of your treatment plan. Some of the other things that a Raleigh psychiatrist can do to help mental illness include:

  • Provide urgent care for sudden mental health problems
  • Give advice about lifestyle changes to support your recovery
  • Work with your other health providers, family, or spouse as appropriate
  • Refer you to other medical professionals for care
  • Admit you to the hospital if needed for emergency care
  • Help you to maintain long-term mental wellness

What Treatments do Psychiatrists Use?

Psychiatrists use treatments that are going to be most effective for each client. This includes medication to help reduce symptoms. Depending on what you are diagnosed with, the medications you may be prescribed include:


Antidepressants are used to treat depression, panic disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD.


Antipsychotics are used to treat symptoms like delusions and hallucinations, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Other Common Psychiatric Medication Types

Hypnotics are used to help people sleep, mood stabilizers are used to treat bipolar disorder, sedatives are used to treat anxiety and insomnia, and stimulants are used to treat ADHD.

Your treatment plan may also include some type of talk therapy or psychotherapy. This can be done one-on-one, with family members, or in group settings depending on what is most appropriate for your situation. By talking about your symptoms and experiences, your provider can help you see patterns in your thoughts or actions that may contribute to your mental health condition. From there, you can work to reprogram these negative things into positive ones, further supporting your recovery.

How To Know When To See A Psychiatrist

There are certain situations in which a person should be seeing a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist. These include:

  • Sudden onset of mental health symptoms with no prior history
  • Having a long-term mental health condition that will require ongoing care
  • Suffering from complex symptoms, or a condition that is hard to diagnose
  • You have thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • You need medication to treat your symptoms
  • The treatment you are receiving from your primary doctor or psychologist isn’t working

Raleigh Psychiatry

At Advaita Integrated Medicine, our Raleigh psychiatry program is available to help people from all walks of life find relief from their mental health concerns in a private and comfortable setting. With scientifically-backed treatment options like proper medication and talk therapy, you can find relief from your mental health issues, as well as learn how to manage them for long-term success. Contact us today to learn more about our Raleigh psychiatry program, and our mental health professionals will schedule an initial consultation to begin your treatment process.