Alex Peacock

Green Hill Program Director

Alex Peacock is the Program Director at Green Hill. Alex has been with the Green Hill team for nearly three years under a variety of roles, including transitional living program facilitator, outpatient program facilitator, and event coordinator for activities. He is a certified peer support specialist and recovery coach who has a passion for helping others. Alex works closely with the clinical team to facilitate group sessions for the outpatient clients as well as planning weekly and weekend activities for all client communities.

Prior to joining the Green Hill team, Alex worked as a Rapid Responder for Healing Transitions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recovery program in Raleigh, and the Wake County EMS. He was responsible for linking individuals to treatment of any kind who have recently suffered from an opioid overdose reversal. In 2020, Alex started a 501(c)(3) called Recess Games USA. Their mission is to pair those in the community with people in recovery who are seeking healthy avenues to have good clean fun while building a meaningful and purposeful life. Recess Games provides a number of events that are open to the public helping connect the local community with the recovery community to help answer the question, “How can I have fun without any mind altering substances?” The Advaita Collective and Green Hill regularly collaborate with Recess Games to engage clients in activities and to connect with the larger recovery community.

As a person in recovery who has shared experience with our clients, Alex brings energy, passion, and most importantly a sense of accountability to our client community. Alex’s experience in peer support, motivational interviewing, and recovery coaching gives him the ability to reach our clients like no other. He is a person who is always thinking of new and innovative ways to reach our clients to show them that recovery is possible.

Outside of Green Hill and the Advaita Collective, Alex enjoys hanging with his fiancé, son, and his dog Charlie. Despite a busy professional and personal life, Alex dedicates time to coordinating Recess Games USA events for people to have good clean fun.

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