Meet KG Smith, BS, MHA, the Project Manager at the Advaita Collective in Raleigh, North Carolina.

KG Smith, BS, MHA

Project Manager

KG Smith serves as Project Manager at the Advaita Collective. She is a healthcare professional with a history of academic research, clinical supervision, and operational improvement. She has worked in one Charlotte’s largest healthcare providers, serving in roles spanning from intern to supervisor. KG’s Master in Health Administration degree serves as an ideal supplement to her undergraduate education in health psychology, enabling her to drive organizational improvement with a human-centered approach. She enjoys combining her graduate business knowledge with her passion for health equity and wellness.

KG Smith graduated Summa Cum Laude from both her Undergraduate and Graduate programs. She was accepted early into the Healthcare Administration Graduate Program based on her academic performance. While studying for her Masters, KG worked at the University Center for Academic Excellence providing
lectures, workshops, and coaching to the UNCC student body. She also worked as a Research Coordinator to the MIND-BODY KYND Lab, run by Dr. Jennifer Webb. Here, she coordinated an international team of psychologists, doctoral students, and lawyers in their mission to create an evidence-based, eating disorder prevention curriculum. KG was a student member of the North Carolina Medical Group Management Association (NCMGMA), and received funding for two consecutive years to represent UNCC’s MHA program at the state wide conferences.

KG’s education and research in both health psychology and the business of healthcare form a multifaceted approach to organization and problem solving. This aligns with AIM’s holistic and value-based approach to care. Change is uncomfortable, but through support, guidance, and evidence based practices, she seeks progress through the maze of individuals projects and organizational reform. KG’s organizational goal’s are 3 fold: increase access, improve quality, and reduce cost.

The American healthcare business model initially appears endlessly complex. However, the cause of its dysfunction is painfully simple – the commodification of a human need. KG Smith believes her role is to design systems that push back against this model, building hard stops into the processes that profit from poor quality and high cost. This endeavor necessitates behavioral shaping, keen financial understanding, and a significant amount of patience.


University of North Carolina at Charlotte, (Charlotte, North Carolina) – Masters of Health Administration

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, (Charlotte, North Carolina) – Bachelor of Science, Psychology