Meaghan Brackin, MS, LCMHCA, CRC, Clinical Therapist at Advaita Integrated Medicine and Green Hill Recovery, part of the Advaita Collective.

Meaghan Brackin, MS, LCMHC-A, CRC

Clinical Therapist

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Meaghan Brackin, MS, LCMHC-A, CRC is a clinical therapist at the Advaita Collective in Raleigh, North Carolina. Megan is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with master’s in clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from UNC Chapel Hill. She currently provides individual and group therapy for client’s facing a number of issues and barriers to wellness in person and via telehealth. In addition to working with patients at Advaita Integrated Medicine, she also provides therapy to individuals at Green Hill Recovery, which is the Advaita Collective’s substance use treatment program for young adult males.

Meaghan Brackin’s professional work began in reentry, where she provided services for those leaving incarceration. Since then, her work has broadened to assisting individuals in reducing barriers and reaching wellness in various contexts. Her therapeutic practice spans all age groups and addresses a wide range of issues. Meaghan meets clients where they are to address concerns such as anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders, trauma, major life transitions, interpersonal difficulties, and self-esteem. She possesses experience in private practice, inpatient psychiatric settings, and working with individuals and families. Additionally, Meaghan specializes in conducting psychological and psychoeducational evaluations for individuals of all ages, with several years of experience in psychological testing.

Passionate about working with individuals who feel overwhelmed by their challenges and struggle to engage with themselves and the world around them, Meaghan collaborates with her clients to uncover and reduce the barriers hindering their happiness and well-being. To achieve this, she draws upon techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI), and she remains open to incorporating new techniques and approaches as needed by her clients.

Meaghan believes in establishing an open, honest, and direct relationship with her clients that respects their autonomy while recognizing their inherent value as human beings. She is dedicated to helping clients see the value in their life challenges and leveraging their strengths to empower them on their journey toward wellness. Although she is eager to facilitate change and address problems, Meaghan always meets her clients where they are and maintains empathy for the entirety of their personhood.


Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) – Bachelors in Psychology and Criminology and Law Studies

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) – Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling