Ryan Jarrell

Chief Administration Officer

Ryan Jarrell is the Chief Administration Officer of the Advaita Collective, which includes Advaita Integrated Medicine and Green Hill Recovery. As a person who has experienced firsthand how community-based substance use and mental health professionals can positively impact a person’s trajectory, Ryan’s wide ranging work experience and intimacy with local and national treatment programs have uniquely equipped him to facilitate a positive client experience. As the Chief Administrative Officer, Ryan is responsible for maximizing the support the Advaita Collective provides both patients and its providers.

Ryan has extensive institutional experience with the Advaita Collective, spending several years honing Green Hill Recovery’s Transitional Living program as its Program Director. Ryan’s life has been enriched by the community and fellowship these young men provided.

As someone who’s family was hampered significantly by the inequities inherent in our behavioral health system, Ryan is passionate about providing equitable and ethical service to his community. A lifelong Triangle resident, Ryan truly believes that the best way to change national healthcare is to provide Raleigh fantastic and cost-effective treatment. When not at work, Ryan enjoys hiking, meditation and spending time with his wife, Sofia.