Introducing our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The team here at the Advaita Collective is proud and, dare we say, excited to announce that we are launching a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). If you have had the pleasure (we are stretching the definition of “pleasure” here) of being locked into a conversation on treatment accessibility with any of our team, this move will make sense. While a PHP is a small step in that direction, we believe it is a positive one.  

Tripp Johnson, CEO and Founder of the Advaita Collective in Raleigh, North CarolinaCEO of the Advaita Collective, Tripp Johnson’s tenacious pursuit of building a system of care that makes sense for the realities of dual-diagnosis disorders has become a magnet for attracting team members aligned with this mission: 

“Launching partial hospitalization is a significant milestone for us. We have always been focused on meeting our patients exactly where they are and providing them with precisely what they need, all through commercial insurance. The decision to offer partial hospitalization stemmed from our patients’ needs: high-quality continuum care. We want to prove that a patient-centered, recovery-oriented system of care is possible through commercial insurance. Psychiatry, therapy, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), and a full continuum of outpatient substance use treatment is available at AIM” 

The prevailing models of short-term treatment for SUD (Substance Use Disorders) and mental health disorders clash with the very definition of a “lifelong medical condition.” True recovery requires enduring support – not a one-time fix. Getting the care and support a person needs requires a system that is flexible enough to lower the barriers to engagement. Just as with any chronic medical condition, ongoing care is essential, and our PHP is here to provide an entry point to just that.  

Dr. R. Dewayne Book, MD, Medical Director and Psychiatrist at the Advaita Collective in Raleigh, North Carolina.Advaita Collective’s Medical Director, Dr. Dewayne Book, MD elaborated on this point further:  

“The days of 28-day treatment are long gone. Thankfully, addiction treatment now exists on a continuum depending on the needs of an individual patient. “One size” does not fit all. Expanding our service continuum to include partial hospitalization allows us to address the needs of patients who do not need a residential setting, and whose needs exceed those services of IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program).  

Our PHP is committed to each patient having a full psychiatric evaluation within 24 hours of admission, to immediately assess and address issues that might impede or contribute to a patient’s success at a PHP level of care. Being able to evaluate and begin to immediately address co-morbid psychiatric issues will not only facilitate full engagement in IOP but can serve to prevent escalating to the level of care to residential. PHP patients will be seen by a medical care provider weekly during their PHP journey.” 


PHP: Get the Support You Need, While Living Your Life 

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at The Advaita Collective is a caring and effective way to overcome substance use challenges. It is a day program that runs from Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM-2:30 PM and combines the focused care you need with a chance to go home each day and field-test the treatment in a real-world setting. It is perfect for anyone who needs strong support but also wants to stay connected to their daily life to apply the skills they are developing. 

Our clinical curriculum was carefully developed by our Clinical Director, Corey Kennedy. “While we recognize the complexities of substance use and mental health treatment in real world settings can be disorienting, we firmly believe that rooting our curriculum in evidenced-based interventions is a starting point for care that makes the most sense.” 

In keeping with this belief, the clinical curriculum has foundations in therapies that offer immediate skills and clarity. 


Helpful Therapies in PHP That Make a Real Difference 

  • ACT: This approach helps you accept your feelings and commit to actions that make your life better. 
  • DBT: Learn to handle tough emotions and improve your relationships with the help of our specialists. 
  • Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA): Find joy in new hobbies, work, and friendships that support a life free from substances. 
  • Integrated Care Model: Therapy alone does not beat biology. Medication management is a vital resource for those with SUD and should come from a provider integrated into the care team. 


Receive Expert Care and Support in PHP

We have you covered with our own psychiatrists who work right alongside your PHP schedule, so you get all-around care without the hassle. We are here to walk with you on your path to recovery. At the Advaita Collective, you will find a program tailored just for you, helping you get back to a life filled with hope and purpose. 

If you are landing on this announcement and think it may be a fit for yourself or someone you may know, please reach out and we will be happy to help explore with you. Call our office at 919.893.4465 to speak to a team member, or fill out your online intake paperwork here to register as a patient.

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