Tony Wall is one of our Patient Care Coordinators here at Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine in Raleigh. Tony always has a smile on his face and has a can-do attitude when it comes to serving our community members. Tony’s dedication to serving and uplifting patients on their recovery or wellness journey is unmatched, and we are grateful to have him on our team. Keep reading to learn more about Tony!

Could we get some brief biographical info from you? Hometown, previous experience, education, etc.? 

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina where I was close with my family and friends. The Color Purple was filmed there. I attended Bowman Senior High-  go Bearcats!

What made you want to work in this field? 

I had experiences with family members who dealt with drug abuse and mental health issues. I wanted to make a positive impact on others who were dealing with addiction and other mental health concerns.

What do you believe makes Advaita Integrated Medicine stand out in its field, and why?

The outreach we have in the local recovery community and throughout Raleigh. How we care for our providers and team members is another reason!

What does your ideal day look like? 

A simple, easy, care-free day with no worries.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Always work hard. Do your very best!

What is is one thing you want our patients to know?

I want our patients to know that we truly care about them and their wellbeing. All of us at Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine genuinely want to see them succeed and be happy!

Tony Wall at the check-in area at Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Quick Hits

Favorite Food: Any kind of chicken!

Hobbies: Singing in the choir at my church

Favorite sports team: I don’t have a favorite team, but I enjoy watching basketball

Dream Vacation: Definitely Switzerland

Favorite Book: Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris

Favorite Album: Any album from Whitney Houston!


Want to know more about Tony and the role he plays at Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine? Check out his bio! 

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