PRESS RELEASE: Advaita Integrated Medicine Joins TRICARE Network, Expanding Access to Integrated Healthcare for Military Members and Their Families


Raleigh, North Carolina – Advaita Integrated Medicine, a leading integrated care practice specializing in psychiatry, therapy, and other outpatient services, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with TRICARE, the healthcare program serving members of the U.S. military community. Advaita Integrated Medicine has officially joined the TRICARE network, enabling military personnel, veterans, and their families to access comprehensive, whole-person care across North Carolina.

TRICARE is a vital resource for military members and their families, providing access to high-quality healthcare services. By becoming an in-network provider, Advaita Integrated Medicine is reinforcing its commitment to serving those who have served our country. This partnership aligns with Advaita Integrated Medicine’s mission to expand access to care and make it more affordable, ensuring that all members of the military community have the opportunity to receive integrated healthcare services.



Tripp Johnson, Founder and CEO of Advaita Integrated Medicine when he served in the United States Army.

Advaita Integrated Medicine’s founder, Tripp Johnson, graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduation, he was commissioned into the Army as an infantry officer and completed the U.S. Army Ranger School, Airborne School, and Air Assault School. Tripp deployed to Southern Afghanistan as an infantry platoon leader in 2012-13 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.



Advaita Integrated Medicine’s founder, Tripp Johnson, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join the TRICARE network and further support the well-being of our military members and their families. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of our military community. This has been a long time coming for us, and it’s near and dear to my heart as a veteran myself.”

With this new collaboration, Advaita Integrated Medicine will deliver a wide range of services, including psychiatry, medication management, and therapy, to TRICARE beneficiaries. Advaita Integrated Medicine’s interdisciplinary team will work collaboratively with patients, leveraging their clinical sophistication, care coordination, and integrated care approach to support the pursuit of human flourishing within the military community.

For military members and their families seeking integrated healthcare services, Advaita Integrated Medicine offers in-person services to members of the Triangle at their Raleigh and Cary locations, as well as virtual services accessible throughout the state of North Carolina.

About TRICARE: TRICARE, a component of the Military Health System, is the healthcare program serving uniformed service members, retirees, and their families worldwide. TRICARE provides comprehensive medical coverage, including hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription medications, mental health services, and preventive care. With a commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare to those who serve and have served our nation, TRICARE ensures that military members and their families have access to the care they need to maintain their health and well-being. As a trusted healthcare provider for the military community, TRICARE plays a vital role in supporting the physical and mental health of our nation’s defenders.

About Advaita Integrated Medicine: Advaita Integrated Medicine (part of the Advaita Collective) is a leading integrated care practice that specializes in providing psychiatry, therapy, and other behavioral health services. With a focus on comprehensive care for mental health disorders, including substance use and addiction, bipolar, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and ADHD, Advaita Integrated Medicine utilizes an interdisciplinary team to support patients in achieving their healthcare goals. Advaita Integrated Medicine takes a values-based, mission-driven, and provider-centric approach to healthcare, with a commitment to clinical sophistication, care coordination, and integrated care, all in the pursuit of human flourishing.

To learn more about Advaita Integrated Medicine and the services they provide, please visit their website at or call 919.893.4465.

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