TMS October 10, 2022

TMS For Depression: Discover A New Treatment for Depression In Raleigh

Win the Battle Against Major Depressive Disorder with BrainsWay Deep TMS™

Win the Battle Against Major Depressive Disorder with BrainsWay Deep TMS™

While numerous treatment options are available to those diagnosed with depression, many patients struggle to experience significant symptom relief and cope with medication side effects. Advaita Integrated Medicine is now offering BrainsWay Deep TMS. BrainsWay Deep TMS is a well-tolerated, highly effective, noninvasive treatment that can facilitate a profound improvement in a patients’ mental health.


Achieving Remission is Possible! 

Deep TMS is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to alleviate symptoms of depression without causing significant adverse or long-lasting side effects. Begin your journey to remission with BrainsWay Deep TMS here at Advaita Integrated Medicine.

Minimal Disruptions to Your Schedule

BrainsWay Deep TMS for Major Depressive Disorder consists of 20 sessions across a 4-week period followed by periodic maintenance sessions.


Each session typically takes 20 minutes involving stimulation of brain targets with Deep TMS. The treatment coil delivers gentle electromagnetic pulses to key areas in your brain involved in mood regulation. These pulses feel like mild tapping on your scalp. You’ll be comfortably sitting in a chair, awake and alert during the treatment. The team at Advaita Integrated Medicine is trained and ready to help you feel comfortable and relax during your treatment session.


Clinically Proven to Improve Depression Symptoms

BrainsWay Deep TMS is clinically proven to improve depression symptoms, Including among those who have not seen sufficient improvement with medication or psychotherapy. In addition to numerous published, double-blind, randomized controlled trials validating the efficacy of Deep TMS, clinical data of over 1,000 patients in real practice settings has shown considerable results.


Among patients who completed 30 sessions, nearly 3 in 4 achieved a clinical response, representing a meaningful reduction in depression symptoms.1 Nearly 1 in 2 achieved remission, representing a total absence of depression symptoms and significantly improved mental health.



No Systemic Side Effects Commonly Associated with Antidepressant Medication 

BrainsWay Deep TMS is well-tolerated with years of safety data supporting Deep TMS. Patients may initially experience non-systemic, typically mild side effects such as headaches or minor pain at the site of the treatment. These generally subside after the first few sessions. Due to the noninvasive nature of the treatment, hospitalization and anesthesia are not required, allowing you to return to your normal routine immediately following treatment.


Treatment to Fit Your Life

Advaita Integrated Medicine is proud to be able to offer BrainsWay Deep TMS as a treatment option to patients in Raleigh. BrainsWay Deep TMS is a noninvasive treatment consisting of short treatment sessions that allow you to receive treatment that fits in with your life.


Learn More About Whether this Clinically Proven, Noninvasive Treatment is Right for You

If you are curious if TMS at Advaita Integrated Medicine could be an option for you to treat Major Depressive Disorder, please contact our office today. One of our team members will be happy to speak with you regarding our practice and the treatments we offer.

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